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  • red pear tomato seeds

    Red Pear Tomato Seeds

    Productive of red teardrop-shaped tomatoes; 3- 4 cm long. Delicious, few seeds. 75 days to maturity. Tall plant around 170cm
  • large red cherry tomato heirloom seeds

    Large Red Cherry Tomato Heirloom Seeds

    Large and vigorous tree producing delicious 3 - 4cm large red sweet firm tomatoes with excellent flavours. 80 days
  • giant belgium tomato seeds

    Giant Belgium Tomato Seeds

    Probably the most popular giant tomato in the market. weight up to 2 lbs, with some exceptions upto 5 lbs. Sweet tomato type that some farmers make wine with it. Staking required. Indeterminate. 90 days
  • red oxheart tomato seeds

    Red Oxheart Tomato Seeds

    Originated from Hungary. Large red heart-shaped tomato has firm meaty fruit that weighs upto 400 grams with some exceptions at 900 grams. Plant needs staking to help it hold large fruits against strong winds. Plant height around 180cm. 85 days
  • orange oxheart tomato seeds

    Orange Oxheart Tomato Seeds

    Orange version of the famous red oxheart tomato. Light yellow meaty heart shaped tomato. The fruit weight is from 200 to 400 grams. 90 days to maturity
  • san mazano tomato seeds

    San Mazano Tomato Seeds

    One of the best tomato to make Italian tomato sauce. Long blocky very meaty bittersweet tomato weighing about 150 grams. Bright red skin is easy to peel. Heavy yields.
  • black krim tomato seeds

    Black Krim Tomato Seeds

    Very popular old Russian heirloom. Black skin with green shoulder. Heavy yield of large meaty beefsteak tomato with reddish black firm flesh. More heat and sunlight enhance level of blackness.
  • porter tomato seeds

    Porter Tomato Seeds

    Gorgeous egg-shaped dark pink tomato variety born for Texas high heat and low humidity. Fruit weighs 60 to 100 grams. Good for salad, canning, saucees,... High yields in 80 days.
  • green sausage tomato seeds

    Green Sausage Tomato Seeds

    10 cm long green-skin with yellow stripes. Indeterminate bush tomato plant with average height about 100 cm. Heirloom. 75 days
  • yellow pear tomato seeds

    Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds

    Yellow pear shaped fruit. Similar to red pear variety but the fruit color. One of the rarest heirloom tomato varieties. Very productive of yellow tomatoes shaped like little pear; 3- 4 cm long. Delicious, few seeds. 75 days to maturity. Tall plant around
  • tiny tim tomato seeds

    Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds

    Dwarf tomato growing only 40cm, high yields of 2cm red tomatos. Good choice for pots, hanging baskets, patio, border. Easy to grow.
  • chocolate cherry tomato seeds

    Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds

    72 days, vigorous plant producing round chocolate striped tomato. Fruit is firm, sweet and about 15 grams. Indeterminate.
  • ace 55 tomato seeds

    Ace 55 Tomato Seeds

    Red thick-walled delicious heirloom tomato with little acidity. Average weight about 200 - 300 grams. Great in salad, burgers. Solid yield.
  • golden gem f1 tomato seeds

    Golden Gem F1 Tomato Seeds

    Highly prolific with up to 500 fruits/plant. Each truss holds from 17 to 70 fruits. Yellow bright round tomatoes; high brix 12-17%. Very vigorous! Resistant to furasium, fruit cracking. Semi-determinate.
  • black pear tomato seeds

    Black Pear Tomato Seeds

    Unusual tomato shaped like a pear red with dark shades. Each fruit weighs 220 grams. Tasting: loaded with complex flavors. 80 days
  • ari f1 cherry tomato seeds

    Ari F1 Cherry Tomato Seeds

    Heat resistant F1 hybrid cherry tomato. Can grow easily in 30 Celcius degree environment. Oblong gold sweet fruit measure at Brix 10%. Semi-determinate.
  • elf f1 heat resistant cherry tomato seeds

    Elf F1 Heat Resistant Cherry Tomato Seeds

    Vigorous heat resistant and easy to grow outdoor. Very worth growing. Brix 7. Semi-determinate.
  • tropruby f1 tomato seeds

    TropRuby F1 Tomato Seeds

    Good heat resistance type cherry tomato up to 30 Celcius degree. Very sweet 8 - 9 brix. Fruit weight 11 -12 grams. Semi-determinate type. F1 hybrid
  • costoluto genovese tomato seeds

    Costoluto Genovese Tomato Seeds

    Italian heirloom. Heavily ribbed red tomato with full flavour. Adapts to many climate types. Beautiful and delicious in salad. Fruit weight 230 gramds.
  • purple calabash tomato seeds

    Purple Calabash Tomato Seeds

    The most purple of all tomato varieties with most complex flavor. Originating from Mexico, Purple Calabash is ribbed 250 - 350 gram. 75 days to harvest. .
  • four seasons cherry tomato seeds

    Four Seasons Cherry Tomato Seeds

    F1 hybrid heat resistant cherry tomato suitable for year round production except when below 14 Celcius degrees. Fruit weight 23 grams. Determinate in 65 days.
  • crazy mix tomato seeds

    Crazy Mix Tomato Seeds

    Mix of 25 tomato varieties: Ace, large red cherry, red pear, yellow pear, red oxheart, orange oxheart, homestead, tiny tim, costoluto genovese, black tula, red tumbler, king f1 hybryd, green sausage, black krim,... Please buy 2 or more packages for full p
  • king f1 cherry tomato seeds

    King F1 Cherry Tomato Seeds

    Red mini round-shaped tomato with average fruit weight 22g. Very good firmness and shipping quality. Resistant to TMV, Pto, For, F2. High Yield. Suitable for Field and Green House cultivation.
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