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Swiss Chard

  • rainbow mix swiss chard seeds

    Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard Seeds

    Popular green, classified as beet leaf, in shades of red, yellow, orange, white, red. Spinach substitute, very nutritious and reliable. Great for both for culinary and ornamental purposes.
  • ruby red swiss chard seeds

    Ruby Red Swiss Chard Seeds

    Very decorative! Great in pot, patio. Red stem and veins with green leaves. Swiss Chard is nutritious, tasty and is great in soup, steam, stir fries, stews,... Easy to grow.
  • fordhook giant swiss chard seeds

    FordHook Giant Swiss Chard Seeds

    RHS Award winning thick huge stalk, dark green savoyed tender leaves in high yield even in good heat. One of the best swiss chards. Stays well in container, patio.
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