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Squash - Pumpkin

  • sweet asian pumpkin seeds

    Sweet Asian Pumpkin Seeds

    Thriving in humid and hot areas, this type of sweet pumpkin has good disease resistance, high yield. Fruit weighs around 1kg. Green yellow skin and orange delicious flesh. Harvest in about 75 days.
  • big max pumpkin seeds

    Big Max Pumpkin Seeds

    Large fruits up to 100 lbs with deep orange skin and thick, bright yellow fine-grained flesh. Grown widely in USA with foliage green, yellow blooms. Great for pies by using its orange flesh, and delicious with seeds roasted. 120 days to maturity. OP.
  • spaghetti squash seeds

    Spaghetti Squash Seeds

    Fibre-like interior that is easy to fork out spaghetti noodle like strings. You could do that right after boiling or baking the squash and cut it into 2 pieces lengthwise. Spaghetti squash is one of a kind!
  • dark green summer squash seeds

    Dark Green Summer Squash Seeds

    High yield of 6 - 8” long mottled dark green fruit. Flesh is greenish white and firm. High eating quality like coming from F1 seeds. Very reliable variety. 75 days. OP.
  • shoots crop pumpkin seeds

    Shoots Crop Pumpkin Seeds

    Grown for its many side shoots - a prefered staple in Asian countries. Great in stir fries, soup, steaming,…
  • early prolific summer squash seeds

    Early Prolific Summer Squash Seeds

    12” long lemon yellow fruits with tapered neck towards the stem end and prefer to grow in humus-rich soil or well-drained soil. Low in fat and carbohydrate, rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium. Best used for cooking as stuffed and baked, gril
  • green ball summer squash seeds

    Green Ball Summer Squash Seeds

    Compact bush zucchini plant growing 60 cm tall and produces oblong zucchini measuring 8 - 10 cm in just 45 days. Best eating quality is when the fruit is around 6cm. As a zucchini, the whole plant is edible. Stalk, leaves, stems are cooked well in soups,
  • spookie pumpkin seeds

    Spookie Pumpkin Seeds

    Sweet delicious thick-flesh ice box size pumpkin. Fruit weighs around 2 lbs, and measures 15 - 20 cm in diameture.
  • mix scallop squash seeds

    Mix Scallop Squash Seeds

    Blend of yellow, green and white. Eye-catching for the home gardens. The summeer squash is delicious fresh. Excellent for steaming and baking. Best to harvest when fruits reach 2-3 inches in diameter by its flavor and fine-textured. Easy to grow and well
  • waltham butternut squash seeds

    Waltham Butternut Squash Seeds

    Smooth textured with cylindrical neck and orange flesh inside that has delicious sweet and rich vitamin A. Its yellow skin is hard, thick. This is the most popular winter squash type is not only used to make creamy soup but also great for steaming, boilin
  • small ornamental mix gourd seeds

    Small Ornamental Mix Gourd Seeds

    Rainbow small exotic ornamental gourds in yellow, pink, orange, green, red, white with amazing different shapes are very eyecatching. Small gourd fruits with multi shapes as baby birdhouse and bottle gourds are showy fresh and used as beautiful ornamental
  • burgess buttercup squash seeds

    Burgess Buttercup Squash Seeds

    New England favorite! Deep orange rich butery & sweet flesh. Weight: 1.5 - 2kg. Each plant produces about 4 fruits. Vines can reach 5m long.
  • taste master f1 squash seeds

    Taste Master F1 Squash Seeds

    F1 hybrid Japanese type pumpkin with very high eating quality. Fruit weight around 1.8kg. Easy to grow and suitable for temperature below 27 Celcius degree.
  • flower harvest pumpkin seeds

    Flower Harvest Pumpkin Seeds

    Born for flower and small fruit harvest. The more you harvest them, the more keeps coming up.
  • jumbo pink banana squash seeds

    Jumbo Pink Banana Squash Seeds

    Maximum 120cm in fruit length; and upto 35kg. Fine grained sweet flesh. 110 days to harvest.
  • colorful mix summer squash seeds

    Colorful Mix Summer Squash Seeds

    Mix of most polular heirloom bush type squash varieties such as prolific, dark green, tatume, flying saucers mix,...
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