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Specialty Vegetables

  • sawi green cantonese choy sum cabbage seeds

    Sawi Green Cantonese Choy Sum Cabbage Seeds

    Early Chinese green with dark green leaves, light green stem coming up from base, very heat resistant, high disease resistance. Only 30 days to maturity. Grown for its tasty green and stem used in stir fry, asian soup and steam.
  • choi sum chinese yellow flowering cabbage seeds

    Choi Sum Chinese Yellow Flowering Cabbage Seeds

    Yellow-flowered flowering cabbage 1cm thick fleshy edible stem, and dark green tasty leaves. 75 days. Heirloom. Choi Sum Cai Xin Flowering Cabbage is only of the best Chinese staples. Popular in Asian stir fry, steam, soup.
  • drumstick tree seeds

    Drumstick Tree Seeds

    A fast growing tropical drought resistant tree, thriving in South Asia. Grown for its young edible young seed pods and leaves, packed with 90+ nutritients and 45+ antioxidants. Great in salad or soup; besides many traditional medicinal uses.
  • rau cang cua shining bush seeds

    Rau Cang Cua Shining Bush Seeds

    Grown for both medicinal and culinary uses. Low growing, shiny light green heart shaped leaves; near tranparent white greenish stem. The mustard like flavor vegetable is great in salad with beef. This is a staple in Vietnam. Best grown in shady moist area
  • red f1 komatsuna mustard seeds

    Red F1 Komatsuna Mustard Seeds

    Heat loving Japanese Komatsuna hybrid mustard. Deep red on upper and bright green on the other side of leaves., round tender fleashy leaves. Taste of mild mustard, no bitter, mild. Productive, tasty and easy to grow. Good in stir fries, salad, soup, steam
  • wild lettuce blumea lacera seeds

    Wild Lettuce Blumea Lacera Seeds

    Annual herb with a strong odor, distributed throughout the plains of north-west India and Vietnam, up to an altitude of 2,000 m. The stems of this hairy or glandular herb are erect, simple or branched, very leafy and 1-2 ft in height. The leaves are obova
  • water mimosa seeds

    Water Mimosa Seeds

    Water mimosa seed coat are hard. Rub seeds in sand paper and leave seeds in water for 7 - 10 days until germination starts. Once germinated, bring seeds away for planting. It needs constant water level like red water spinach. If planted in water, it grows
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