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  • blue podded pea seeds

    Blue Podded Pea Seeds

    Great ornamental edible plant! Heirloom from Netherlands. Purple podded pea, very rare! Plant grows to 170 cm. 85 to 100 days.
  • wando pea seeds

    Wando Pea Seeds

    Super dwarf pea variety, only around 45 cm tall. Great for container or balcony planting. Delicious peas.
  • sugar snap pea seeds

    Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

    RHS Garden Merit Winner and AAS winner. You cannot be wrong choosing this variety. Comparing with many other varieties, we rate 10/10 in eating quality: outstandingly sweet, juicy crisp thick pods and beans right in the garden. Also great in stir fries, s
  • sweet pod pea seeds

    Sweet Pod Pea Seeds

    Standard shelling peas. Very high germination rate 90%++.
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