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  • asian yellow stripe melon conomon seeds

    Asian Yellow Stripe Melon Conomon Seeds

    Riping from green to yellow & white stripes. Distict flavor. Use to make smoothie with sugar added, desert, fruit mix,.... 70 - 75 days.
  • honeydew orange flesh melon seeds

    Honeydew Orange Flesh Melon Seeds

    Delicious muskmelon with smooth skin and creamy light green juicy flesh! This great quality honeydew flesh turns pale yellow with orange hues when it is ready to harvest. Good shipping quality.
  • hales best jumbo melon seeds

    Hales Best Jumbo Melon Seeds

    One of the best OP melons. A combination of excellent flavor & earliness. Melon has beautiful oval with golden netting and deep green skin. The inner flesh is an appealing smooth orange, enjoy delicious aromantic sweet flavor. Weight average 4 pounds per
  • honey rock melon seeds

    Honey Rock Melon Seeds

    Rather oblong round netted melon. Fruit weighs about 2 to 3kg. Deep orange flesh and very sweet.
  • japanese sweet green melon seeds

    Japanese Sweet Green Melon Seeds

    flavorful sweet fruit in abundance (about 5 fruits per plant). Vigorous and has good disease resistance package.
  • mexican sour gherkin seeds

    Mexican Sour Gherkin Seeds

    Originating in Mexico, it is very heat resistant and most productive in green house or hot weather. Mini watermelon fruit that tastes citrus and tangy; around double the size of your thumb. also known as cucamelon, mouse melon, mexican sour gherkin. Seeds
  • rocky ford melon seeds

    Rocky Ford Melon Seeds

    Deep fine grained green flesh and heavily netted skin. Average weight 2.5 lbs. Uniform in oval with slenderly ribbed and dense netting. Its fine grained green flesh with crisp, fresh sweet taste favorited by home gardeners as well as market gardeners. Goo
  • galia f1 netted melon seeds

    Galia F1 Netted Melon Seeds

    F1 hybrid netted yellow melon with high adaptablility. Green sweet crips flesh. Average fruit weight 2kg. Ready to harvest when the fruit turns gold. Intermediate resistance to fusarium wilt.
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