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  • little gem lettuce seeds

    Little Gem Lettuce Seeds

    RHS award - Garden Merid winner. Superb eating quality in such small size: buttery texture, crisp. In France, it is known by the name Sucrine which means sugar. Heat tolerant, fast maturing cos variety. 70 days
  • buttercrunch lettuce seeds

    Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

    AAS winner. 65 days. Tight 15cm rosette of upward delicious thick leaves. Can tolerate heat. Very popular choice.
  • green saladbowl lettuce seeds

    Green Saladbowl Lettuce Seeds

    AAS winner. Delicious oakleaf variety in green shades. Great for baby leaves. Mild no bitter. 65 days
  • red saladbowl lettuce seeds

    Red Saladbowl Lettuce Seeds

    Oakleaf variety in red and green shades. Great for baby leaves. Mild no bitter. 45 days
  • prizehead leaf lettuce seeds

    Prizehead Leaf Lettuce Seeds

    Large green curled leaves with red maroon edges. Great for salad.
  • iceberg lettuce seeds

    IceBerg Lettuce Seeds

    Widely grown lettuce. Tightly packed, compact head at medium size. 70 days. Reliable
  • oakleaf lettuce seeds

    Oakleaf Lettuce Seeds

    Very popular lettuce variety. Deeply lobbed leaves like leaves of the oak tree. Cut and come again. Good heat tolerant.
  • parris island romaine lettuce seeds

    Parris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds

    RHS Garden Merit Award winner. Green romaine lettuce type. Thick green out leaves in tall plant 30cm yet succulent, tender. Romaine lettuce is the most nutritious lettuce there is on the market.
  • red romaine lettuce seeds

    Red Romaine Lettuce Seeds

    Bicolor red green romaine lettuce. 30cm tall. Colorful, higly nutritious and tasty choice for salad. Romaine lettuce is the most nutritious lettuce there is on the market. Heat resistant.
  • lollo rosa lettuce seeds

    Lollo Rosa Lettuce Seeds

    Red lollo rosa type lettuce. Grown all year round in high heat and humidity climate. frilly red leaves.
  • mineto heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Mineto Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Small Medium iceberg type. Can form head in tropical heat and humidity condition. 35 days.
  • fast fall heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Fast Fall Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Very heat resistant and vigorous! black seeded. Green frilled leaves. This type of lettuce can grow in high heat and humidity condition. Slow bolting.
  • heirloom butterhead lettuce seeds

    Heirloom Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

    Very vigorous and heat resistant butterhead type. It can be grown all year round in high humid and heat climate.
  • yellow frilled heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Yellow Frilled Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Light yellow frilly loose leaf lettuce. Very vigorous and well suited for high heat and humidity climate.
  • crazy mix lettuce seeds

    Crazy Mix Lettuce Seeds

    Mix of 15 lettuce varieties such as red romaine, paris island romaine, fast fall heat resistant, prizehead, ruby, butterhead heirloom, minetto, black simpson, yellow frilled, green oakleaf, red oakleaf, green saladbowl,arugula, watercress,... for a colorf
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