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  • asian collard green seeds

    Asian Collard Green Seeds

    This standard heirloom asian collard has big main stem. Asian collards are more heat resistant and vigorous than Western varieties.
  • ss1 tender tasty collard seeds

    SS1 Tender Tasty Collard Seeds

    Exceptional eating quality for collards, tasty, sweet, tender leaves, petioles and even the stem. Highly recommended! Except for the root, you cannot waste any thing from this variety. For higher eating quality, harvest before bolting. Each plant weighs a
  • georgia collards seeds

    Georgia Collards Seeds

    Southern favorite colard with blue green leaves. One of the most nutritious vegetable! Rich in calcium, vitamin, sweet, heat tolerant, poor soils and frost hardy. Growing upto 100cm tall. Avoid growing collards where cabbage family members were grown in t
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