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  • little finger carrot seeds

    Little Finger Carrot Seeds

    the ultimate gourmet baby carrots with smooth orange skin, crisp, sweet, tender and juicy mini fruit around 3”. Easy to grow in containers or early sowing in a cold frame. Cylindrical roots grow quickly in full sun places. Its top is weak, so carefu
  • lunar white carrot seeds

    Lunar White Carrot Seeds

    Rare white carrot, crunchy and mild, almost coreless. Average 20cm long.
  • black spanish carrot seeds

    Black Spanish Carrot Seeds

    Black skin with orange flesh carrot. The level of darkness represents level of antioxidant substance called anthoxianin. High nutrition value at the expense of yielding. A cool season variety. 70 days.
  • kuroda carrot seeds

    Kuroda Carrot Seeds

    Juicy, born to get along with heat and humidity climate and one of the easiest to grow for home gardeners. Developed in Asia in 1950s, Kuroda carrot has deep orange tender, juicy flesh that is about 20cm long. Heat and blight resistant.
  • rainbow mix carrot seeds

    Rainbow Mix Carrot Seeds

    Mix of white, red, orange, purple and gold. Carrot Rainbow Mix has tender, smooth skin,orange flesh sweet and tasty. A great planting pack for kids.
  • scarlet nantes carrot seeds

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds

    Carrot Scarlet Nantes is almost coreless, cylindrical shape, finely-flavoured. It is about 7” long. Scarlet Nantes Carrots is a beloved classic with crisp texture, sweet flavour and delicious for snacking, cooking, and topping salads. It is also kno
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