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  • heat resistant broccoli seeds

    Heat Resistant Broccoli Seeds

    100 days, F1 hybrid. This very heat resistant variety can last in temperature around 30 Celcius degree. Vigorous and big tree.
  • waltham broccoli seeds

    Waltham Broccoli Seeds

    Standard heirloom broccoli with 10 -20 cm wide flower heads. 55 - 60 cm compact plant has copious side shoots. Intended for fall harvest and sensitive to heat.
  • romanesco broccoli seeds

    Romanesco Broccoli Seeds

    Beautiful green spiral exotic heads. Tender and excellent flavor. Famous Italian heirloom. 100 days to harvest.
  • di ciccio broccoli seeds

    Di Ciccio Broccoli Seeds

    An old reliable Italian broccoli variety for baby 9cm heads. Not as uniform as other broccoli hybrids but are super productive with multiple heads over long period. Suitable for raised beds in garden.
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