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  • scarlet bean seeds

    Scarlet Bean Seeds

    Great ornamental edible! Unique red scarlet flowered delicious bean variety. Bright scarlet flowers are great ornamental. Huge violet spotted black delicious seeds. Vigorous plants that grows as long as 300 cm. Young seed pods are great in stir fries, ste
  • royal burgundy bush bean seeds

    Royal Burgundy Bush Bean Seeds

    Purple pod bush bean growing 50cm - 65 cm tall. Pods are stringless. Beans are delicious and rich.
  • yellow cherokee bush bean seeds

    Yellow Cherokee Bush Bean Seeds

    Yellow pod bush bean variety. Stringless tasty tender and crisp pod about 12- 15cm. Black seeds are excelled cooking bean. AAS winner.
  • kentucky bush bean seeds

    Kentucky Bush Bean Seeds

    Exceptional flavor. Heavy yield of 22 cm long pods in clusters. One of the oldest and most tasty bean there is in the market. S-shaped pods are meaty, tender and almost stringless. Pole bean type.
  • dwarf taylor bush bean seeds

    Dwarf Taylor Bush Bean Seeds

    Aka Speckled Bays bean, bush type with red specked white pod. Beans are sweet, tasty in soup, meat stew, steam. An excellent ornamental edible.
  • small bell bean seeds

    Small Bell Bean Seeds

    Small bean variety, a member of a vetch family. Also known as horse bean. Good innoculator (nitrogen fixing).
  • four angled dragon bean seeds

    Four Angled Dragon Bean Seeds

    A heat and humidity loving bean variety very popular in South Asia, Africa. Green beans are cooked, steamed,stir fried like spinach, tubers like potato,...
  • asian heirloom climbing bean seeds

    Asian Heirloom Climbing Bean Seeds

    Heirloom pole bean type. Need trelise and well drained soil.
  • asian heirloom bush bean seeds

    Asian Heirloom Bush Bean Seeds

    Heirloom bush bean type. No need for trelise. Easy to grow in large pot/patio. Requires well drained soil.
  • red hyacinth bean seeds

    Red Hyacinth Bean Seeds

    Rare red pod variety. Vigorous drought tolerant, short live perennial lugume growing up to 2m. Originated from Africa. Good choice for fence and border.
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