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  • red asparagus seeds

    Red Asparagus Seeds

    Very rare red heirloom asparagus. Perennial. 2 years to harvest. Soak the seeds in water for 12 hours before sowing for best germination.
  • mary washington asparagus seeds

    Mary Washington Asparagus Seeds

    High reliability, flavor and disease resistance. Flavor is crisp sweet and tasty. Plant Mary Washington perennial seeds for once and harvest in the years to come: initially a bit in the 2nd year and full cutting from the year after. The mature bed of aspa
  • goliath f1 asparagus seeds

    Goliath F1 Asparagus Seeds

    High quality F1 Hybrid asparagus. Very vigorous and early. Average spear weight about 28-32. Big spear diameter 12-15-18mm. Juicy. Spears are straight, tightly wrapped at top with slight purple blush. Producing spears from early to late crop season. High
  • uc 157 asparagus seeds

    UC 157 Asparagus Seeds

    F2. High yielding commercial variety. Reportedly produces 165.9 spears/m2 (within 5 years according to report from INNA at Bio-Bio area, Chile). Early. Green, tightly wrapped hear. Average spear size. Very vigorous and suitable for hot climate like Mexico
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