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  • persian carpet mix mexican zinnia seeds

    Persian Carpet Mix Mexican Zinnia Seeds

    AAS award winning flowering variety. Vigorous unbeatably heat resistant flower originated from Mexico. Single and double bicolor blooms measured around 5cm. compact plant about 35 - 40 cm tall, produces a cheerful blend of gold, orange, mahogany, cream, r
  • candystripe zinnia seeds

    CandyStripe Zinnia Seeds

    Eye-catching semidouble & double zinnia flower. Bright colors of rose, red, pink, cherry, and yellow spotted in red. Plant height 60 - 80 cm.
  • lilliput mix zinnia seeds

    Lilliput Mix Zinnia Seeds

    5 cm double flowers in profusion. Available colors in random mix: purple, pink, red, white,... Plant height 50cm.
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