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  • blackoil sunflower seeds

    BlackOil Sunflower Seeds

    Grown mainly for higher quality sunflower seed for bird and human consumption: meatier, higher oil content. Very popular choice.
  • lemon queen branching sunflower seeds

    Lemon Queen Branching Sunflower Seeds

    Multi-branching. Striking lemon yellow petals on brown chocolate centre; flower head diameter around 12cm. Tall sunflower tree upto 7’. Great choice for garden border and home cut flower.
  • autumn beauty sunflower seeds

    Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds

    7’ tall multi-branching sunflower plant hosts an array of brilliant colors red, yellow, gold, burgundy and brown; and even bicolor combinations. Long flowering period. A long time garden favorite.
  • single dwarf sunflower seeds

    Single Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

    Mini sunflower only 30cm in pot. Easy to grow and germination.
  • mammoth sunflower seeds

    Mammoth Sunflower Seeds

    Single giant sunflower variety. Head around 30cm on top of a giant 300cm plant. This plant height definitely need staking in windy areas or just simply planting it to lean against the wall. Seeds are meaty and delicious.
  • red velvet sunflower seeds

    Red Velvet Sunflower Seeds

    Red bronze petals centered by black disc; total diameter 13cm in a 1.5m tall. Velvet Queen contrasts well with other background yellow flowers like Teddy. 70 days, annual OP.
  • dwarf teddy bear sunflower seeds

    Dwarf Teddy Bear Sunflower Seeds

    75 days, annual double branching sunflower (producing many flowers), very versatile: growing 30 cm plant in small container and as tall as 90 - 110 cm in garden. Flowers are 10cm in diameter and fluffy double. Little pollen.
  • mongolian giant sunflower seeds

    Mongolian Giant Sunflower Seeds

    The tallest sunflower standing upto 420cm tall & huge yellow flower measuring 45cm in diameter. Sure to impress your neighbours!
  • dwarf multi branching topolino sunflower seeds

    Dwarf Multi-branching Topolino Sunflower Seeds

    Multi-branching dwaft sunflower that grows upto 40cm. Numerous bright yellow blooms with dark center. Good for pot, patio and bedding.
  • chocolate sunflower seeds

    Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

    Dark red chocolate sunflower. Multi-flower variety. Much darker flower than red velvet sunflower. Easy to grow.
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