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  • super dwarf 20cm f1 african marigold seeds

    Super Dwarf 20cm F1 African Marigold Seeds

    Large ball-shaped fully double african marigold. Vigorous & super dwaft plant grows about 20 cm tall. Heat and humidity tolerant. Easy to grow. A great choice for pots, patio and beds.
  • sparky mix french marigold seeds

    Sparky Mix French Marigold Seeds

    French Marigold with bold red, orang and yellow flowers in medium size. Plant 12” tall. Great for patio, pots and garden border. Easy to grow, drought tolerant. Sparky Mix Marigold can suppress bad nematodes and can suppress weed as cover crop.
  • queen sophia french marigold seeds

    Queen Sophia French Marigold Seeds

    AAS award winning French Marigold. Red, deep orange double flowers matures with gold edges and measures around 6 cm in diameter. Strong sturdy stem and very well branching compact plant habit. Plant height 25 - 30 cm. French marigold flowers are edible an
  • crackerjack mix arican marigold seeds

    Crackerjack Mix Arican Marigold Seeds

    Large 10-13cm diameter double booms in orange, yellow and lemon shades. Crackerjack African Marigolds are strong and about 60 - 90 cm tall. It is heat, humid and sun loving. Easy to grow.
  • court jester french marigold seeds

    Court Jester French Marigold Seeds

    Exquisite and very rare color of yellow and dark red set that resembles court uniform, so Court Jester. Quite compact 50 cm tall. 40cm spread.
  • tiger eyes african marigold seeds

    Tiger Eyes African Marigold Seeds

    20 cm very dwaft double Frech marigold with tiger eyes like deep maroon petals around bold orange crested center. Highly recommended by the Gardening Press and Consumer Groups.
  • mix signed marigold seeds

    Mix Signed Marigold Seeds

    Hundreds of small flowers in mix colors red, yellow, orange on mounded plants. Citrus scent. Leaves are edible nice in salad.
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