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  • single mix dwarf dahlia seeds

    Single Mix Dwarf Dahlia Seeds

    Grows 10 to 16 inches tall. Single daisy-like blooms in many colors: purple, red, salmon, white, rose, yellow. Prefer a well-drained, rich light soil, and full sunshine. Easy to grow in beds, containers or borders. Attracts many insects and birds. Dwarf t
  • pompon double dahlia seeds

    Pompon Double Dahlia Seeds

    Small attractive double pompon flowers in many colors. 120cm tall; tender perennial. Ideal for an outstanding border or bedding display during the summer months.
  • redskin dahlia seeds

    Redskin Dahlia Seeds

    Small double and semi-double flowers on bronze-red foliage. Easy to develop from seed; A stunning flower is a good ideal for pots, borders, and garden beds. Use as a cut flower. All dahlia flowers and tubers are edible. Flavors ranging from bland throug
  • collarette dahlia seeds

    Collarette Dahlia Seeds

    Striking flower: single row of bright outer petals contrasting with inner decorative quilled petals. Considered as a border plant and great cut flower. Easy to grow from fresh seed. Full sun or partial shade. All dahlia flowers and tubers are edible. Flav
  • early bird semi double flowered dwarf dahlia seeds

    Early Bird Semi-Double Flowered Dwarf Dahlia Seeds

    Compact mix color strain that grows 50cm in height. Semi-double dahlia flowers.
  • giant flowered showpiece mix dahlia seeds

    Giant Flowered Showpiece Mix Dahlia Seeds

    Giống thược dược lai bông kép đại 8-10cm kinh điển với tỉ lệ bông kép rất cao. Sai bông. Mix màu tím, hồng, đỏ, hồng cá hồi, tía đậm, vàng và tím lavender. Giống hoa cắt cành, làm bìa vườn rất tuyệt vời.
  • red opera double dwarf dahlia seeds

    Red Opera Double Dwarf Dahlia Seeds

    Mix các dạng màu đỏ kép và bán kép trong lô này. Cây thấp 35cm.
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