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China Aster - Daisy

  • single rainbow mix china aster seeds

    Single Rainbow Mix China Aster Seeds

    Eyecatching blend of single china aster in pink, white, violet, deep rose and purple, each bloom about 10cm. Plant height 75 cm. Widely grown.
  • crego mix china aster seeds

    Crego Mix China Aster Seeds

    Giant ostrich-feather-like-petal blooms measuring upto 10 cm. Blend of pink, deep rose, purple, violet, white. Plant height 70cm. Great for cutting. Harvest in 105 days
  • pinocchio mix dwarf china aster seeds

    Pinocchio Mix Dwarf China Aster Seeds

    Excellent Fleuroselect Gold Medal winning variety mix for dwaftness, and outstanding garden performance. Light blue, scarlet, white, pink, purple, yellow, rose flowers are fully double, ball shaped 4cm large. Many of the colors listed above are not presen
  • hinomaru pompon mix aster seeds

    HiNoMaru Pompon Mix Aster Seeds

    Bicolors in yellow, red, blue, white, salmon,... Small double flowers keep well in vase.
  • mix alpinus aster seeds

    Mix Alpinus Aster Seeds

    Blend of blue, pink and white flowers. From the region of Alpine, Aster Alpinus prefers well drained soil and full sun, and zone 7 - 8 mild weather. Remove the deadhead for longer boom time.
  • colour carpet mix china aster seeds

    Colour Carpet Mix China Aster Seeds

    Fully double flowers in wide mix of red, crimson, white, pink, blue, salmon rose, and bright pink. Compact flowering plants 20cm tall only. A good choice for pot, patio and hanging baskets.
  • white breeze dwarf oxeye daisy seeds

    White Breeze Dwarf Oxeye Daisy Seeds

    Fleuroselect Approved Novelty Award winner! Exceptional super dwarf 25 cm oxeye with white petals and bright yellow heart. Flower is 10 cm on long stem. Perennial. Great for pots, patio, and garden borders,… Blooming in first year!
  • painted daisy seeds

    Painted Daisy Seeds

    Various tricolor flowers in purple, white, red, pink and yellow; measuring around 10cm in diameter; Each flower carries upto 3 color in combination. Plant grows around 50 - 80 cm tall.
  • yellow daisy seeds

    Yellow Daisy Seeds

    Originated from Africa and widely adaptable. 12” tall. Beautiful yellow round petals surrounding larger yellow center.
  • milady china aster seeds

    Milady China Aster Seeds

    Fully double 12cm-large flowers on very dwarf plant around 25cm only! That is half the size of the whole plant. Flowers are in blue, rose, white, pink, salmon. Excellent annual flower choice for pot, patio, garden bed, hanging baskets,…
  • robinsons giants pyrethrum aster seeds

    Robinsons Giants Pyrethrum Aster Seeds

    Natural bio-pesticide flower plant. Beautiful white, pink, crimson, red and rose... 6-8cm large daisy flowers on bushy perennial chrysanthemum plant. Measuring 70 - 100cm tall. It has long blooming season. This mix of daisy varieties are best natural pest
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