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  • basket of gold alyssum seeds

    Basket of Gold Alyssum Seeds

    Dazzling gold flowers comes in dense clusters. Perennial low growing flowering plant spreading upto 18” is excellent choice for colorful ground cover, garden border. Easy to grow and attracts butterflies, hummingbirds,...
  • carpet of snow alyssum seeds

    Carpet of Snow Alyssum Seeds

    White dense clusters of sweet alyssum. exceptionally heat tolerant. very dwarf 7 - 20 cm tall. fragrant. Ideal choice for border, container and having baskets.
  • sweet alyssum mix seeds

    Sweet Alyssum Mix Seeds

    Lovely little flowers in purple, pink, white and lilac. Very uniform low growing 25cm habit makes it wonderful choice for containers, rock garden, patio,....
  • royal carpet alyssum seeds

    Royal Carpet Alyssum Seeds

    RHS Garden Merit winner. 25cm compact low growing plant. Profuse flower in violet purple shade and sweet nice fragrance all summer long.
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